Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Infopics: A Picture Layered with Text on Top

While on Twitter one day a few months ago, I happened to come across a blog post on Producing Infopics by Tony Vincent.  If you haven't seen it yet, I strongly encourage you to take a look!

Anyway, I really liked the simple, effective use of layering text on top of a photo.  Since then, I have created many infopics myself (I have included some below) and have taught students in multiple classes how to create them as well.  Some of the infopics the students created were about sound, the causes of the Revolutionary War, landmarks found across the U.S., and about academic goal for themselves.  The classes that created the sound infopics also compiled them into one eBook in Book Creator to create a class book about sound.

Many apps can be used to create infopics, and my favorite at the moment is the Autodesk Pixlr app.  However, since we don't have that app on our school iPads, I have been using the Strip Designer app with students. It works well, but lacks the capability to blur parts of the picture, which I find can be a nice addition to an infopic.  You could also use Explain Everything, or any other app that allows you to put text onto a picture.

Here is a tutorial that I made for teachers and students to show them how to create an infopic.

Below are some examples of infopics that I have created. Enjoy!

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