Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Camera Roll is iPad User's BFF

I first learned how important the camera roll is to iPad creation when I took a class with Greg Kulowiec from Ed Tech Teacher.  He taught us the value of getting a piece of work to camera roll, since it allows you to import it into other apps to create a finished product.  The process of using multiple apps (and often pulling from the camera roll) to create a finished product was coined "app-smashing" by Greg.

As I have been using my iPad more and more for creation, and teaching students (and teachers!) to do the same, I absolutely love the camera roll on my iPad.  

  • I love (when working on a new skill or app-smash) finding a piece of video or picture that I took previously and using it to test out the skill.
  • I love exploring apps that can export to the camera roll (pictures or videos) and seeing what new creations I can come up with to teach students and help deepen their understanding of a topic.
  • I love teaching the students how bringing items to the camera roll opens up new worlds of creative possibilities on the iPad.
  • I love when the students are able to answer the question "What can we do with (the video, picture etc.) once it's in the camera roll?".  The answer being "Import it into ________ app".
  • I love that the camera roll (not really even an app) is the best app available.
The camera roll affords the iPad user creative possibilities beyond measure. Make the camera roll your BFF and you'll see what I mean.

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